7 Tips on Picking Ecofriendly Toys

Daniel Dreher   August 27, 2015   Comments Off on 7 Tips on Picking Ecofriendly Toys


Eco friendly toys are great if you are looking for toys which do not damage the environment. There are no synthetic materials which in the toys. They are free from cadmium and xylene. Here are some tips for picking out ecofriendly toys:

Pick natural toys

Pick toys which have natural ingredients. The toys must be made out of wood which is not toxic in nature and organic cotton too. Toys which have high levels of cadmium found in paint can be deadly if your child decides to chip the surface with his or her teeth.

Buy a few toys at time

Do not buy many times all at once. Buy toys which sustain the betterment of the planet too. If the toys are too expensive buy one or buy them all later. Try to repurpose if you can’t afford a toy, you can use a steel bowl or empty box for your child to play with.

Seek items which are high in quality

Try to buy items which are high in quality so that you do not have to worry about it being too expensive. The items will last longer than usual. You can get money back from the items if you decide to sell them as people will be interested in high quality ecofriendly toys. Remember to read labels before you decide to buy a toy so that you are sure as to from where the toy came from.

Look for local toys

You must try to buy toys which are from Europe, Canada or Japan as it will be more ecofriendly and will emit less greenhouse gases. Try to find local suppliers who sell products from these countries.

Try get open ended toys

Buy toys which encourage creative thinking and play. Items like wooden blocks, colorful scarves, smooth stones and cardboard boxes are great for you to pick. Safety matters too so hop over to Melissa and Doug Australia for good quality toys which will foster creative learning. For more information on educational toys and where you can buy them, feel free to check this out

Buy good jewelry and kid cosmetics

You must be carefully if you are buying jewelry for the kids. Buy stuff which are low in lead as it can put your child’s health at risk. If you are unsure of toys to buy sign up for HealthyToys.org where you will receive alerts on toy testing. You only have to text words and you will receive information immediately on your phone.

Have fun with the toy

Play time is important time for your kids so get them to play every day. You can encourage different activities with the toys. Remember to encourage pretend and creative play. You can get good wooden toys from Melissa and Doug Australia which are imported from Germany too. The toys are safe for use and you can shop online too without leaving the safety of your home!

Remember to focus on buying toys which are ecofriendly. Some toys can be deadly and toxic for your child so be careful when purchasing toys!